Splenomegaly Mrs. Renu Sinha, a 45 years old female, suffered three repeated attacks of malaria leading to an enlarged spleen (4 times the normal size).  Splenic functions were also deranged, her Hb came [...]


Secretory otitis media

Secretory otitis media with hearing loss Neeraj Kapoor, aged 14 years came to our clinic 12 years back with complaints of pain in left ear and hearing loss of 40 decibals.  He had [...]


Prolapsed Lumbar Disc

Prolapsed Lumbar Disc with Acute Sciatica and Migraine Mr. G.N.Khaitan aged 78 years, chairman of Radico Khaitan, used to suffer from Chronic migraines since he was 30 years of age, He had tried [...]


Intervertebral Disc

Post Operative multiple prolapsed intervertebral disc Mr. Nikhil Bharadwaj, aged 45 yrs, came to our clinic with complaint of lower backache radiating down to right thigh and leg.  Also, there was numbness in [...]


Deep Coma

Patients Revived out of Deep Coma Coma is defined as a condition where the patient goes into a state of unconsciousness. There can be various causes of coma. Case I:- Ashok Sharma , [...]