Patients Revived out of Deep Coma

Coma is defined as a condition where the patient goes into a state of unconsciousness. There can be various causes of coma.
Case I:- Ashok Sharma , male, 75 years. He had sustained a head injury in an accident. He was operated upon and the clot in his brain removed but he still did not come out of coma. He was given acupuncture continuously for three hours on the first day and he came out of deep coma on the same day itself. Thereafter, he was given acupuncture treatment daily for the next fifteen days and he recovered fully.
Case II:- Deepak Mehta , male, 40 years. He had been in deep coma for three and a half months following a brain haemorrhage and was on a ventilator and tube-feeding. He showed first signs of improvement after ten sittings of acupuncture treatment and was given a total of sixty sittings for recovery.
Case III:- Karan Kumar , male, 35 years. He had pontine haemorrhage following severe uncontrolled hypertension and went into deep coma. He was admitted into a hospital and put on a ventilator. His relatives were told that there were no chances of his survival. Acupuncture was tried as a last resort and it worked wonders on him. He came out of deep coma by the 15 th day, and the ventilator was removed. At the end of forty sittings, he recovered substantially enough to be discharged from the hospital. He was then under acupuncture treatment for residual paralysis and had regained even his normal mental abilities.


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