Mrs. Renu Sinha, a 45 years old female, suffered three repeated attacks of malaria leading to an enlarged spleen (4 times the normal size).  Splenic functions were also deranged, her Hb came down to 6gm% and she was advised splenectomy (removal of spleen). Her appetite was very poor and she had severe hyperacidity, and could not perform any routine work.  Acupuncture was given daily for 20 sittings.  During this period her G.I.T. symptoms disappeared and her Hb level rose to 8 g%. Gradually the treatment was reduced to alternate days for a period of 1 month, during which time the size of spleen reduced to half and Hb rose to 10g%. Subsequently she was put on twice a week treatment for 1 month which brought her Hb level to 12 g% and her spleen size became normal.


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