Cigarette Addiction

Case I :- Dr. Dhawan, a 40 year old doctor, had been a smoke addict for the past 10 years .  He used to smoke about 10-15 cigarettes a day.  Ear acupuncture was given to him daily for 15 days and his craving  got reduced so much that he would smoke only 2-3 cigarettes a day.  Thereafter a small intradermal needle was placed at a special acupuncture point and he felt that whatever little craving  was left also disappeared.  Now he is total off cigarettes and feels more healthier.

Case II :- With nearly 20 cigarettes down daily, it is easy to lose count or even attempt to restrain lighting up. And if you are like Premola Ghose, the 55 year-old chief programme coordinator at India International Centre, every hour is a stress bomb that makes you pine for the next drag. For 30 years Premola gave in to addiction, till recently she tried acupuncture to kick the habit. Today, thanks to the therapy, the butt is safely buried. “ I was a chain-smoker. I knew it was bad, but I had no will to quit smoking,: says Premola, thinking back. However, last year during a seminar on acupuncture she helped organize, Premola learnt about how acupuncture could help in de-addiction. “ I did try quitting but nothing worked. I used to get severe headaches. With acupuncture it was a painless process,: she says. It has been a year since Premola took acupuncture therapy for de-addiction. She has not touched cigarettes ever since, and even her therapist vouches for Premola’s results.

“ Premola was a very serious case since she had been smoking for a very long time. We studied her smoking pattern before starting her treatment and within 20 sessions her smoking habit was successfully controlled. There have been no serious withdrawal symptoms”.


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