Cervical Spondylopathy

Mrs. Kamlesh Dua, aged 65 years, was suffering from acute pain in her left hand since November,2001. The pain used to start from her neck, travel to the shoulder, then upper arm and forearm and then spread to all the fingers of her left hand. She was unable to even lift her left shoulder, and developed gradual weakness in her left hand. She was on regular proxyvon twice a day, with no relief and used to be constantly crying in pain. X ray of her cervical spine had showed markedly reduced disc spaces at C4-5-6 levels with osteoporosis. MRI showed degenerative disc disease with disc bulge at C4-5-6-7 levels.

She visited us for treatment on 17th April ,2002 . Her pain was agonizing and she was even unable to sleep due to the severe pain. Within just 3 sessions of Acupuncture , the acute pain disappeared. Thereafter, in another 15 sessions her left frozen shoulder got cured. Thereafter, we reduced her treatment to alternate days, then twice a week and now to once a week. She is totally pain free and even the pain in her fingers has gone. She recovered completely from all her symptoms.


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