Cosmetic acupuncture for face list

Lacoste Catherine, a 49 –year-old French lady living in India, decided to try acupuncture for her sagging facial skin and crow’s feet and is happy with the results. She says, with a broad smile on her face, “ I took about 10-12 sessions for this problem but I also had other health problems when I first started getting acupuncture done. After the sessions, even my husband commented on the change in my face.” And husbands do not lie, especially when it comes to being brutally honest about their wives’ appearance. Acupuncture can and does offer remedies for many cosmetic problems like sagging facial skin, double chin, sagging breasts, breast augmentation, bags under the eyes, upper and lower medial eye areas, reducing male breasts, forehead wrinkles, cheeks, upper and lower epigastria area ( middle of the stomach), obesity, sagging upper arm.


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