Getting the perfect cup to health

Cupping therapy , an ancient form of alternative medicine, has been used in China for thousands of years. The treatment involves local suction in the skin whereby the skin is pulled upwards creating vacuum in a cup placed over the area. This was believed to help treat a variety of complaints. The earliest records of cupping is in Bo Shu ( an ancient tomb of the Han Dynasty in 1973. About 500 years ago, a famous surgeon called Wei Ke Zen Zong of china presented a detailed record of he cupping methods used in surgical practice. the treatment of diseases by cupping has long been practiced by eminent English surgeons. Cupping therapy is used in a number of disorders like abdominal pain, anemia, asthma, back pain, sexual disorders, constipation, cough, skin problems etc.

Cupping therapy is used to remove stagnation of blood in a particular acupuncture channel. It is also used to improve the blood circulation. Cupping is therefore integrated with acupuncture treatment in as many as 80 per cent of clinical cases. Following is a list of modern cup types used: Screw-top , Valve cups, Bamboo cups, Glass cups, Herbal cupping, Water cupping, Moving cuppings etc.