Auriculotherapy was discovered and developed into an effective treatment by paul nogier, a French doctor in the 50s. Nogier was able to figure out how certain parts of the ear related to certain parts of the motor area of the brain. This discovery led him to a lifetime of research till his work resulted in auricular therapy, now a powerful tool to identify and treat specific body systems or parts that are in disharmony. Auriculotherapy is much more than ear acupuncture. Nogier noticed that there was a distinct change in the amplitude and dimension of the pulse when certain points on the auricle of the external ear were stimulated. Auriculotherapy uses the ear to findout whether the right and left parts of the brain are functioning as a dynamic whole, whether there are any blockages to treatment such as scar tissue or emotional disorders. It is diagnostic, but much depends on the accuracy of he practitioner. Treatment is specific and points are precisely located by reference to the VAS.
Auricular therapy can be used effectively in the treatment of all types of pain like cervical spondylitis, mid-back pain, lumbago sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, shoulder pain etc. The advantage of auricular therapy over classical acupuncture is that the patient need not come daily for treatment. He can return after a week or 10 days for he next session. In more chronic cases, a mix of classical Chinese and French ear acupuncture can give wonderful results.