Multiple Sclerosis

Mrs. Manisha Garg, a 40 year old lady, came to us for the first time in May 2000 with complaints of double vision, severe vertigo, deterioration of vision, numbness, weakness and abnormal gait in the right leg and pain and heaviness in the right arm.  she also complained of frequency and urgency of urination.

Her past history revealed that her problem started in March 1997 and she was diagnosed after an MRI as having multiple sclerosis. She was prescribed wysolone for 2 weeks to be tapered off slowly. She again had an acute episode of vision deterioration, weakness of legs and arms in July 97 and was admitted to Apollo Hospital and given intravenous methyl prednisolone for 5 days. During 1998 she kept very bad health and kept on taking prednisolone orally off and on.

A repeat course of intravenous methyl prednisolone was given to her in Jan 99 when the weakness in the right leg and arm got aggravated. This same course was repeated in September 99 and in February 2000.

She has been under Acupuncture therapy with me since 1st may 2000 and has shown a substantial improvement. Her vertigo is totally gone. Her vision initially was 6/12 and now it is 6/9 with no double vision and no subsequent deterioration of vision. Her pain and weakness in the right arm is totally cured. Her problem of frequency and urgency of urination is cured. Her weakness in the right leg with staggering gait is now about 80 percent better. This overall improvement in a patient of multiple sclerosis for which there is no answer in any other system of medicine is a definite indicator of the effectiveness of acupuncture in this disease.


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