Acupuncture gave him second life :- In February 2006, 60 years-old Francis Wacziarg, was diagnosed with leukaemia. In his own words, “ I am an Indian national, I have been here since 1970s. But as I was going to France to see my mother. I decided to see doctors there.”

When he reached the public Assistance Hospital of France, Saint Louis, his blood cell counts were detected dismally low with just 1,900 white blood cells and 1,83,000 platelets. His haemoglobin was down to 7.9 gm/100 ml. His myelogram showed 20% haemoblasts ( primitive cells that are usually less than 1%) and numerous abnormal blood cells.

Francis underwent chemotherapy. Though the initial response was good, his discharge summary talks about the “failure of intensive treatment.” Talking about the phase, Francis said: “ My oncologist said’ I am sorry the treatment has not worked. There is not much we can do now, come back after six months and we will see’. That is when I decided to try acupuncture.”

When Francis met us in June 2006, his platelet count was 42,000 and total white blood cell count was just 800. His haemoglobin was 10 gm/10 ml. Six months after acupuncture therapy, his blood reports show a platelet count of 2.05 lakh, total WBC count is 2,800 and his haemoglobin is 11.5 “ I went back to France for a check-up. The fresh myelogram showed that blast cells are down to 1% which is normal. My doctor said whatever you did seems to have worked and what’s more all the hair I had lost because of chemotherapy is back,” said Francis.

Now that the treatment is over, he visits our clinic once in a month for a followup treatment. We have given him moxa herb rolls to heat few acupuncture points regularly.


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