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Dr. Sunita Kapur

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images/stories/page 8_clip_image001_0000.jpgDr. Sunita Kapur , passed her M.B.B.S. from Lady Hardinge Medical College , in 1987 and completed her junior residency in the year 1988. Thereafter she went to China & Hongkong to get training in Acupuncture. She received her Diploma in Acupuncture in 1988 and started practicing Acupuncture along with her husband, Dr. Raman Kapur. She is the fellow of Acupuncture Federation of Korea & China.

She is the honorary acupuncturist to Wangjing Hospital Beijing, China. She is proficient in the management of various chronic diseases by using Laser & Ultra Sonics. She is the fellow of International Laser Therapy Association.

She attended the 32nd Anniversary of Medicina Alternativa at Taiwan in June 1992 and presented a paper on the " Role of Acupuncture in Management of Backaches ".

Her interviews with various magazines and newspapers, on the role of Acupuncture in treatment of various ailments are regularly being published. She was conferred the Common Wealth Fellowship of U.K. in 1992.




images/stories/server.jpgShe is the co-author of the books- " A GUIDE TO ACUPUNCTURE AND TISSUE CLEANSING SYSTEM" & "ACUPUNCTURE-CURE FOR COMMON DISEASES. "

She is the medical director of Institute of acupuncture and natural medicines which is affiliated to the "Acupuncture College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine". She conducts courses on Basic and Advanced Acupuncture. Her institute is also affiliated to Indira Gandhi National Open University, which is planning to give Diploma course in Acupuncture to the medical graduates.


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A "Certificate of Training" course in acupuncture is available at our website www.ianmonline.com for busy medical practitioners.  The course is of one year duration and all theory part is online and there will be 4 practical  contact sessions of 10 days each. You can also visit our other website www.ianmonline.com for more details.

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